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wow haven’t used this in 5 months

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The fact that Austin was arrested for basically standing up for Katelyn Norman made me gain A LOT more respect for him. Katelyn was a fan of his who passed away a few days ago from bone cancer. He even had her name tattooed under his knee. He cared about her SO much. I’ll definitely be a fan of this man forever. I don’t know why he’s getting so much hate for this. Why are people calling him so many names? He doesn’t deserve this. Austin has been going through SO much lately with the loss of a fan. It’s honestly so heartbreaking to him and so many more people. He was arrested for assault on Saturday because some douche bag guys decided to talk bad about Katelyn to his face. Austin wasn’t even the first to start throwing the punches. He was defending himself and a fan that he loved and admired. It’s fucking pathetic that the other guys got away with it and Austin ended up in jail for 3 days. And it’s pathetic that he’s losing ‘fans’ over this. This is when the real fans come out. No matter what I’ll always love and admire Austin so much. What he did wasn’t even that bad. Like I said, he was defending himself and Katelyn. God bless this man. He’s a human. And humans fucking make mistakes. So all you haters get the fuck over it and grow the fuck up.



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